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OpenAI’s recent reveal of its stunning generative model Sora pushed the envelope of what’s possible with text-to-video. Now Google DeepMind brings us text-to-video games. The new model, called Genie, can take a short description, a hand-drawn sketch or a photo and turn it into a playable video game in the style of classic 2D platformers like Super Mario Bros. But don’t expect anything fast-paced. The games run at one frame per second, compared to the typical 30-60 frames per second of most modern games. “It’s cool work,” says Matthew Gudzial, an AI researcher at the University of Alberta, who developed […]
Generative AI, though still an emergent technology, has been in the headlines since OpenAI’s ChatGPT sparked a global frenzy in 2023. The technology has rapidly advanced far beyond its early, human-like capacity to enhance chat functions. It shows extensive promise across a range of use cases, including content creation, translation, image processing, and code writing. Generative AI has the potential not only to reshape key business operations, but also to shift the competitive landscape across most industries. The technology has already started to affect various business functions, such as product innovation, supply chain logistics, and sales and customer experience. Companies […]
The MIT Shaping the Future of Work Initiative, co-directed by MIT professors Daron Acemoglu, David Autor, and Simon Johnson, celebrated its official launch on Jan. 22. The new initiative’s mission is to analyze the forces that are eroding job quality and labor market opportunities for non-college workers and identify innovative ways to move the economy onto a more equitable trajectory. Here, Acemoglu, Autor, and Johnson speak about the origins, goals, and plans for their new initiative. Q: What was the impetus for creating the MIT Shaping the Future of Work Initiative? David Autor: The last 40 years have been increasingly […]

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