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Posted by Eliya Nachmani, Research Scientist, and Michelle Tadmor Ramanovich, Software Engineer, Google Research Speech-to-speech translation (S2ST) is a type of machine translation that converts spoken language from one language to another. This technology has the potential to break down language barriers and facilitate communication between people from different cultures and backgrounds. Previously, we introduced Translatotron 1 and Translatotron 2, the first ever models that were able to directly translate speech between two languages. However they were trained in supervised settings with parallel speech data. The scarcity of parallel speech data is a major challenge in this field, so much […]
Each time you use AI to generate an image, write an email, or ask a chatbot a question, it comes at a cost to the planet. In fact, generating an image using a powerful AI model takes as much energy as fully charging your smartphone, according to a new study by researchers at the AI startup Hugging Face and Carnegie Mellon University. However, they found that using an AI model to generate text is significantly less energy-intensive. Creating text 1,000 times only uses as much energy as 16% of a full smartphone charge.  Their work, which is yet to be […]
Tim O’Reilly forwarded an excellent article about the OpenAI soap opera to me: Matt Levine’s “Money Stuff: Who Controls Open AI.” I’ll skip most of it, but something caught my eye. Towards the end, Levine writes about Elon Musk’s version of Nick Bostrom’s AI that decides to turn the world to paper-clips: [Elon] Musk gave an example of an artificial intelligence that’s given the task of picking strawberries. It seems harmless enough, but as the AI redesigns itself to be more effective, it might decide that the best way to maximize its output would be to destroy civilization and convert […]

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