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The latest release of O’Reilly Answers is the first example of generative royalties in the AI era, created in partnership with Miso. This new service is a trustworthy source of answers for the O’Reilly learning community and a new step forward in the company’s commitment to the experts and authors who drive knowledge across its learning platform. Generative AI may be a groundbreaking new technology, but it’s also unleashed a torrent of complications that undermine its trustworthiness, many of which are the basis of lawsuits. Will content creators and publishers on the open web ever be directly credited and fairly […]
MIT Technology Review’s How To series helps you get things done.  If you post or interact with chatbots on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, or WhatsApp, Meta can use your data to train its generative AI models beginning June 26, according to its recently updated privacy policy. Even if you don’t use any of Meta’s platforms, it can still scrape data such as photos of you if someone else posts them. Internet data scraping is one of the biggest fights in AI right now. Tech companies argue that anything on the public internet is fair game, but they are facing a barrage […]
In the beginning, as one version of the Haudenosaunee creation story has it, there was only water and sky. According to oral tradition, when the Sky Woman became pregnant, she dropped through a hole in the clouds. While many animals guided her descent as she fell, she eventually found a place on the turtle’s back. They worked together, with the aid of other water creatures, to lift the land from the depths of these primordial waters to create what we now know as our earth. The new immersive experience, “Ne:Kahwistará:ken Kanónhsa’kówa í:se Onkwehonwe,” is a vivid retelling of this creation story by […]

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