Technically Speaking (E01): Edge computing covered and diced

What is edge computing, and what does it mean for data workloads, latency, and our precious, precious bandwidth? Red Hat CTO Chris Wright reboots Technically Speaking in this first episode ...where we explore edge computing. Guest Azhar Sayeed, Red Hat Senior Director, Global Telco Technical Development, explains 5G and how edge is like an onion. And Red Hat Senior Director of Technology Strategy Nick Barcet calls in from the high seas to chit-chat about what edge computing means for the future. So join us in the all-new Technically Speaking with Chris Wright to peel into the topic and cover, dice (and smother) edge computing.

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What does the future hold for edge computing?

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Technically Speaking features captivating conversations between Chris Wright and a rotating cast of experts and industry leaders around what's on the horizon for technology.

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AWS re:Invent 2018: Machine Learning at the IoT Edge (IOT214)

Whether it's connected cars, smart home devices, or industrial applications, IoT applications are rapidly becoming more intelligent. Edge computing is helping lead this transformation as IoT devices not only collect ...and transmit data, but also perform predictive analytics and respond to local events, even without cloud connectivity. In this session, learn about ML inference at the edge, why it matters, and how to use it to build intelligent IoT applications. Through customer use cases, we demonstrate how to use AWS Greengrass to locate cloud-trained ML models, deploy them to your AWS Greengrass devices, enable access to on-device computing power, and apply the models to locally generated data without connection to the cloud.

What is edge computing?

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Edge computing places workloads closer ...
to where data is created and where actions need to be taken. It addresses the unprecedented scale and complexity of data created by connected devices. As more and more data comes in from remote IoT edge devices and servers, it’s important to act on the data quickly. Acting quickly can help companies seize new business opportunities, increase operational efficiency and improve customer experiences.

In this video, Rob High, IBM Fellow and CTO, provides insights into the basic concepts and key use cases of edge computing.

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Introducing the IBM Edge Application Manager playlist

Meet IBM Edge Application Manager! In this series of short videos, IEAM team member Glen Darling introduces you to this versatile and secure program for containerized software management on both ...Kubernetes and standalone Linux systems.

Dig into the capabilities and features of IEAM and start managing your software where your customers are -- at the edge of your network.

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