Train Your Robot in Just 2 Minutes to Scrape or Monitor Any Website

Startup helps you build a prebuilt robot to scrap the web. It can extract job listings from LinkedIn based on job position and location. Another prebuilt robot can extract ...the list of apps from Google Workspace Marketplace. A third prebuilt robot can extract data from and download it as a spreadsheet to Google Sheets or Airtable. Additionally, the robot can extract job postings from and Glassdoor, and it can download the data as a spreadsheet.

The prebuilt robot for Glassdoor can extract data from a list of jobs and job postings, while the robot for Upwork can extract information from a job details page, and it is compatible with Google Sheets, Airtable, and Zapier. Another prebuilt robot can extract a list of job postings from Flexjobs by providing a search URL, and it can download the data without requiring custom code. The robot for RemoteOK extracts job posting details from a job posting URL, while the robot for Chrome Web Store can extract information from an extension page. Lastly, a robot can extract Google search results by country and job posting details from a job URL on Indeed.

Overall, these prebuilt robots enable users to extract data from various job search platforms and websites, saving time and effort by eliminating the need to write custom code. The extracted data can be easily downloaded as a spreadsheet or saved in Google Sheets, Airtable, or Zapier, among other integrations.

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