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Humans excel at processing vast arrays of visual information, a skill that is crucial for achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI). Over the decades, AI researchers have developed Visual Question Answering (VQA) systems to interpret scenes within single images and answer related questions. While recent advancements in foundation models have significantly closed the gap between human and machine visual processing, conventional VQA has been restricted to reason about only single images at a time rather than whole collections of visual data. This limitation poses challenges in more complex scenarios. Take, for example, the challenges of discerning patterns in collections of medical […]
The concept of short-range order (SRO) — the arrangement of atoms over small distances — in metallic alloys has been underexplored in materials science and engineering. But the past decade has seen renewed interest in quantifying it, since decoding SRO is a crucial step toward developing tailored high-performing alloys, such as stronger or heat-resistant materials. Understanding how atoms arrange themselves is no easy task and must be verified using intensive lab experiments or computer simulations based on imperfect models. These hurdles have made it difficult to fully explore SRO in metallic alloys. But Killian Sheriff and Yifan Cao, graduate students […]
If the last five years have taught businesses with complex supply chains anything, it is that resilience is crucial. In the first three months of the covid-19 pandemic, for example, supply-chain leader Amazon grew its business 44%. Its investments in supply chain resilience allowed it to deliver when its competitors could not, says Sanjeev Maddila, worldwide head of supply chain solutions at Amazon Web Services (AWS), increasing its market share and driving profits up 220%. A resilient supply chain ensures that a company can meet its customers’ needs despite inevitable disruption. Today, businesses of all sizes must deliver to their […]

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