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The impact of artificial intelligence will never be equitable if there’s only one company that builds and controls the models (not to mention the data that go into them). Unfortunately, today’s AI models are made up of billions of parameters that must be trained and tuned to maximize performance for each use case, putting the most powerful AI models out of reach for most people and companies. MosaicML started with a mission to make those models more accessible. The company, which counts Jonathan Frankle PhD ’23 and MIT Associate Professor Michael Carbin as co-founders, developed a platform that let users […]
A potential future conflict between Taiwan and China would be shaped by novel methods of drone warfare involving advanced underwater drones and increased levels of autonomy, according to a new war-gaming experiment by the think tank Center for a New American Security (CNAS).  The report comes as concerns about Beijing’s aggression toward Taiwan have been rising: China sent dozens of surveillance balloons over the Taiwan Strait in January during Taiwan’s elections, and in May, two Chinese naval ships entered Taiwan’s restricted waters. The US Department of Defense has said that preparing for potential hostilities is an “absolute priority,” though no […]
On May 31, the U.S. Department of Defense’s chief technology officer, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Heidi Shyu, presented Eric Evans with the Department of Defense (DoD) Medal for Distinguished Public Service. This award is the highest honor given by the secretary of defense to private citizens for their significant service to the DoD. Evans was selected for his leadership as director of MIT Lincoln Laboratory and as vice chair and chair of the Defense Science Board (DSB). “I have gotten to know Eric well in the last three years, and I greatly appreciate his leadership, proactiveness, […]

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