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Meta has today unveiled an AI system that generates short videos based on text prompts.  Make-A-Video lets you type in a string of words, like “A dog wearing a superhero outfit with a red cape flying through the sky,” and then generates a five-second clip that, while pretty accurate, has the aesthetics of a trippy old home video.  Although the effect is rather crude, the system offers an early glimpse of what’s coming next for generative artificial intelligence, and it is the next obvious step from the text-to-image AI systems that have caused huge excitement this year.  Meta’s announcement of […]
Digital twins capture the physical look and expressions of real humans. Increasingly these replicas are showing up in the entertainment industry and beyond. It gives rise to some interesting opportunities as well as thorny questions.  We speak to: Greg Cross, CEO and co-founder of Soul Machines Sounds from: 2PAC HOLOGRAM | LIVE Coachella Recording | High Quality – via YouTubeI’m Miquela, A Real-Life Robot Mess – via YouTubeCapitol Records signs AI, or ‘virtual’, rapper … then drops the artist after pushback – via YouTubeFN Meka Voice Glad Capitol Killed the Contract, Hitmaka Agrees | TMZ – via YouTube Black Mirror: You, me […]
Virtual Reality (VR) has struggled to transition too far beyond gaming circles and specific industry use-cases such as medical training, but with the burgeoning metaverse movement championed by tech heavyweights such as Meta, there has been a renewed hope (and hype) around the promise that virtual worlds bring. Just yesterday, Los Angeles-based AmazeVR announced a $17 million tranche of funding to scale its virtual concert and “music metaverse” platform. And last week we saw the mighty Epic Games invest in U.K. metaverse infrastructure company Hadean, as part of the Fortnite-creator’s broader metaverse expansion plans. Hadean itself is powering simulated environments […]

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