Artificial Intelligence Helps the Blind See! | AIPoly

I cover all sorts of accessible technology in my videos, but now we're moving towards the topic of artificial intelligence. Can AI really help create more accessible lives?

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Augmented Reality Zoo

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Virtual Zoo is an interactive, Augmented Reality entertainment. While a camera records the images of the surroundings and displays ...
them on the screen, a computer connected to a motion sensor generates animated animals in real-time and adds them to the displayed image. As a result, users can interact with a giraffe, an elephant, a panda bear, a family of penguins and many other animals. Like in a real ZOO, users can hear the sounds made by the animals and watch how they behave. One-click is enough to capture your interaction with animals on camera and the photograph will be sent to a chosen e-mail address with a link allowing to share it on social media.